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Trident of Transformation

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Design Symbolism & Meaning

Trishula, a word which means “three spear” in Sanskrit, is a Hindu-Buddhist religious symbol and a weapon wielded by God Shiva. The trident symbolically represents the fact that Shiva is the controller of the worlds and of all illusion. With his weapon Shiva has the power to destroy all ignorance and evil in all the worlds and restore order. The three points of his trident symbolize the acts of creation, preservation and destruction. The triple qualities of nature (sattva, rajas and tamas) and the three aspects of time (past, present and future).
The trident represents the three primary evils (anger, lust and pride), which must be destroyed in order to make progress towards the divine, as well as, the three paths to self-realization, namely the path of knowledge (Jnana Yoga), the path of action (Karma Yoga) and the path of devotion (Bhakti Yoga) by which Shiva transforms his devotees. Additionally, the three spears represent the three shaktis or powers (will, action, and wisdom), and the three main energy channels (ida, pingala, and shushumna), which allows kundalini energy to travel through the chakras.

May this Divine symbol of the Supreme be a blessing upon your body, mind and soul. May its essence be a protective and purifying agent throughout the day whenever you wear the T-shirt.

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