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“Sacred Heart” Unisex/Mens Tee

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Unconditional Divine Love

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Design Symbolism & Meaning

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ is a symbol of great self sacrifice, compassion and unconditional divine love. In flames and emanating rays of light it is surrounded by an old medieval prayer the “Anima Christi”, which means “the Soul of Christ.” This prayer dates to the 14th century and was widely used in Holy Mass when receiving the Holy Eucharist. Framing the Sacred Heart are the four winged living creatures, the tetramorph, which are the symbolic images of the Four Evangelists and the gospels they wrote. The creatures embodying the four facets of Christ. Matthew as the angel stands for the human nature and the life of Christ. Mark as the lion represents the royal dignity of Christ. Luke in the image of the ox symbolizes sacrifice and atonement. While John, as the eagle, embodies the divine word of God (Holy Spirit) and the spiritual quest for enlightenment.

May this Divine symbol of the Supreme be a blessing upon your body, mind and soul. May its essence be a protective and purifying agent throughout the day whenever you wear the T-shirt.

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